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  1. A transportable building with single rooms, often used on remote work sites or as tourist accomodation.
Usage note: Usually used in outback Australia, especially the northwest.


From the Nguni group of languages. A washed out ravine or gully.


  • italbrac AUS /dɒːŋɡə/, /dɔŋɡə/


  1. A usually dry, eroded watercourse running only in times of heavy rain.
  • Morton: In Search of South Africa: 1948. Thousands of miserable cattle and goats roamed everywhere making tracks that would someday form cracks which successive rains would open into gullies and dongas.
  • Hornung: Raffles: 1899 (p 301 in 1994 edition). There were trenches for us men, but no place of safety for our horses nearer than this long and narrow donga which ran from within our lines towards those of the Boers.


Jean Bradford: A Dictionary of South African English. Oxford 1978.

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